Using React Native for cross-platform development

Cross platform mobile development with React Native

This talk was about developing cross-platform mobile apps using React Native. We talked about the developer experience, advantages and limitations of the platform, and whether it's a viable alternative for creating great real world products.

In particular the talk was focused on the following questions:

  • What is React Native useful for?
  • Who is React Native useful to?
  • What do I need to learn to launch my first app?
  • What are the (business) advantages of using React Native?

Slides from the talk are available online: Cross-platform mobile developement with React Native. However, you miss the magic of animated gifs and the soothing voice of the speaker. Well, next time just come to the meetup.


Speaker avatar

Wojciech Ogrodowczyk

  • Level beginner
  • Language en
  • Duration 30 min
  • react
  • mobile