Hermes - Asynchronous Microservices right to your frontend

I want to talk about Hermes. This is an in-progress concept on how asynchronous microservices architecture (based on message brokers, such as RabbitMQ) could also be used in frontend. The fact of using Node.js for microservices allow us to share code with frontend, but a new concept is being investigated about sharing infrastructure. At a glance, you could see you can do a backend without a REST API, event-based (instead of request-based) and a backend for frontend approach. Curious about it? Join us to learn and discuss about it.


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  • Level advanced
  • Language english or spanish, depending on audience
  • Duration 30 min
  • asynchronous
  • microservices
  • amqp
  • rabbitmq
  • websockets
  • frontend
  • react