jqComponents - Structure and UI Components for jQuery

jqComponents - Structure and UI Components for jQuery

jqComponents (http://jqcomponents.com) is a small, open source toolkit / framework that brings structure and UI components to your jQuery powered web apps. jQuery is incredibly flexible, powerful and easy to use. But - jQuery doesn't standardize how to structure bigger apps. Therefore: 1) The app code tends to become very DOM-centric (partly because of how jQuery plugins work). 2) The app code tends to become unstructured - looking like one, big main method jqComponents is designed to solve both of these problems, by providing a standardized way to divide your code into components and modules. Inside both of these, you can use the power of jQuery freely. jqComponents comes with a set of standard UI components, so you don't have to build everything from scratch. You can create a custom build of jqComponents from the project website, so you don't need to include more than you actually use. jqComponents started as a hobby project of mine, but has now gone through 11 releases (in 2014), and will go through some this year too. I will be using it in several different projects this year. This talk is not intended to be a complete "how to use jqComponents" talk. Rather, it will explain the reasoning behind its internal design. I am sharing this with the JS community to get your feedback. Is this a useful model? Is it flawed? How does it compare to e.g. Web Components etc. Let's get a discussion going.


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Jakob Jenkov

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  • Duration 30 min