BarcelonaJS May 2016

May 11, 18:45 @ Mobile World Centre

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Ilya Zayats

Deep Dive into Redux Performance Optimizations

Redux + React allow you to write applications and rarely think about performance: everything is fast out of the box. But what to do if you need to scale your app to handle and display 10x more data? Then you can see perf problems even with React.

In this talk, I will show what react-redux does under the hood to make your app fast and what techniques you should avoid to keep it in that state even with 10x data grow.

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David G. Shannon

Elm - Rethinking UI

Why Elm?

Elm is slowly becoming a lot of people's favourite language and this talk will show you why. Created by Evan Czaplicki as his thesis, the language tries to solve the problem of maintainability of JS code by reimagining how we code UI.

Elm is a purely functional programming language inspired by languages like Haskell that compiles into JS, HTML and CSS.

This talk will show everyone how Elm can improve your ui coding by avoiding state, blowing your mind and making you a better programmer in general.

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For Everyone

We think coding is awesome and everyone should feel welcome at our event. This includes that we are expecting all participants to be awesome to each other and respect the Code of Conduct.

Open Source

Open source is the heart of BarcelonaJS. All our events, our website and our software are open source and can be modified by everyone.

Non Profit

BarcelonaJS is a registered non-profit association in Spain and is subject to Spanish law. All our events are not-for-profit and run by volunteers.


Frontend Engineer @ Wallapop

Wallapop está buscando a un Frontend para incorporar a su equipo. Trabajará en el desarrollo de nuestro website y en el Backoffice interno y website junto con los equipos de Producto, Diseño y QA. La persona seleccionada será incluida desde el diseño a la concepción del producto, por lo que se requiere:

  • - Dos años de experiencia en proyectos Javascript.
  • - Capacidad de trabajar en equipos multifuncionales.
  • - Conocimientos de MVC/MVVM frameworks (AngularJS, Ember.JS...), ES6.
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Senior Frontend Engineer @ We Are Blue Orange

We are looking for a Senior Frontend Developer that will take the lead on putting our visions into groundbreaking and flawless websites. We are building a new e-commerce site for a high profile client that aims to be the absolute best of its kind and put others to shame. You will have to put your thinking hat on and come up with your best.

Skills & Requirements
Your assignments will include creating full out e-Commerce front end as well as microsites, and other fun online interactive promotion materials.

You need to have experience in:

  • -Angular, React or other similar front-end frameworks
  • - Expert level with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery and Responsive Design
  • - Grunt or Gulp or similar task management tools
  • - e-Commerce sites
  • - User Experience/Functional Design
  • - User Interface/GUI, Interaction Design
  • - You understand PHP, MySQL
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