Next Event: September 9, 18.45. Mobile World Centre, C/ de Fontanella, 2 Barcelona
Alejandro Gómez
Language: en | Level: advanced

Functional Programming & Architecture in ES6

In this talk we'll explore the innovation that has happened in the ClojureScript community for building applications in the browser and how we can leverage such ideas and the functional programming paradigm in JavaScript. We'll see how virtual DOM implementations like React open up possibilities for a functional architecture in our applications, which can be radically simpler than traditional approaches. The main benefits are a sound separation of concerns, better reasoning about the systems we design and the ability to easily test our applications.

James Halliday
Language: en | Level: advanced

Data structures of the revolution

blob storage, logs, and DHTs! How to use torrents, logs, blob storage, and to build services that nobody can own. In node and the browser!

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