Next Event: October 1, 18.45. Mobile World Centre, C/ de Fontanella, 2 Barcelona
Ivan Fraixedes
Language: en | Level: beginner

An introduction to Lovefield, cross-browser RDB

In this talk I will give an introduction to [Lovefield](, a cross-browser SQL-Like, relational query engine for web, written purely in Javascript. I will make an introduction why has been created, what problems it does help to solve, its quirks and the reasons of them. I will also briefly introduce [sql.js]( to end up with a live simple demo comparing both.

Jordi Gomez
Language: en | Level: advanced

NodeJS threading mode

This talk will explore the architecture of the threading model of NodeJS. In this model, the programmer works in a single threaded environment but leverages the asynchronous operations to system threads managed by the framework. This makes NodeJS very suitable for small services non CPU-bounded that communicate with external services or perform asynchronous operations, like querying a caching backend (memcached) or adding elements to a queue system.

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