BarcelonaJS September 2016

September 22, 18:45 @ Mobile World Centre

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Building Authenticated Systems

We will go over a few ways you can implement authentication (including offline authentication strategies) and then dive into some code for both a server and a client which you can adapt to suit your own app. ## Topics discussed * Using External OAuth2 Providers * Creating your own OAuth2 Provider - Local Authentication Strategy if users don't want to use their existing accounts with...

For Everyone

We think coding is awesome and everyone should feel welcome at our event. This includes that we are expecting all participants to be awesome to each other and respect the Code of Conduct.

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Open source is the heart of BarcelonaJS. All our events, our website and our software are open source and can be modified by everyone.

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BarcelonaJS is a registered non-profit association in Spain and is subject to Spanish law. All our events are not-for-profit and run by volunteers.


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