Next Event: January 21, 19.30. Mobile World Centre, C/ de Fontanella, 2 Barcelona
Marijn Haverbeke
Language: es | Level: Advanced

Serious text editing in the browser

When a textarea doesn't cut it anymore, there are alternatives: full-featured text and code editors written in browser JavaScript. This talk is about CodeMirror, one such editor. It'll explore the intricacies of faking an editable control, the challenges of making it scale to hundreds of thousands of lines, and the integration of modern code editor features.

Jorge Dias
Language: en | Level: Beginner

Development environments using fig

Jorge Dias, Software Engineer turned Devops @ Xing, responsible for development and testing environments is going to talk about the research being done at Xing regarding the use of docker and will do a brief overview of working with fig and some custom tools to improve the workflow.

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