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Jakob Jenkov
Language: en | Level: advanced

jqComponents - Structure and UI Components for jQuery

jqComponents ( is a small, open source toolkit / framework that brings structure and UI components to your jQuery powered web apps. jQuery is incredibly flexible, powerful and easy to use. But - jQuery doesn't standardize how to structure bigger apps. Therefore: 1) The app code tends to become very DOM-centric (partly because of how jQuery plugins work). 2) The app code tends to become unstructured - looking like one, big main method jqComponents is designed to solve both of these problems, by providing a standardized way to divide your code into components and modules. Inside both of these, you can use the power of jQuery freely. jqComponents comes with a set of standard UI components, so you don't have to build everything from scratch. You can create a custom build of jqComponents from the project website, so you don't need to include more than you actually use. jqComponents started as a hobby project of mine, but has now gone through 11 releases (in 2014), and will go through some this year too. I will be using it in several different projects this year. This talk is not intended to be a complete "how to use jqComponents" talk. Rather, it will explain the reasoning behind its internal design. I am sharing this with the JS community to get your feedback. Is this a useful model? Is it flawed? How does it compare to e.g. Web Components etc. Let's get a discussion going.

Alex Soto
Language: es | Level: advanced

Arquillian loves JavaScript too.

Nowadays a lot of applications are being developed not using a single language but more than one. One of the most used paradigm is implementing the front-end using Html + JavaScript (for example with AngularJs) and implementing the back-end with Java. There is a lot of test frameworks for Javascipt code and the same for Java, but if you want to test system wide in an automatic way it seems that you need some kind of glue to meet both worlds. Come to this session to learn how Arquillian can help you on writing tests for these applications.

Leonid Kyrpychenko
Language: en | Level: advanced

Qumram Analytics provides capabilities to track user behaviour and replay user interaction as a movie, so I can shortly describe architecture, technologies and a few lesson learnt things.

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